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Show a choreographer's work of Art

The imaginative and creative talents of the choreographers from seven different dance schools knew no bounds in this superb tribute to the Queen's Golden Jubilee.

With dance styles ranging from classical to contemporary modern and jazz, the audience was treated to a variety of Queens in different guises.

Carnival Queens, from Wessex School of Dancing, brought brightly clad dancers to the streets of London, followed by the Jane Farrell Ballet School's delightful tribute to Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts, compete with tiny playing cards, flamingos and hedgehogs.

Queen of Spades found Academy of Dance pupils at a casino, while Talbot Academy of Dance brought A Midsummer Night's Dream and Titania, Queen of the Fairies, to life.

London was in evidence again in Spotlight School of Dancing's Pearly Queen section, with a rousing knees-up in 'Me and My Girl' style, followed by a stunning Chess Queens Ballet from Hollywood Dance Academy and a Caribbean Cruise on board
MS Queen from the Jan Mizen Dancers.

Without exception the costumes were stunning and the dancing outstanding, with the entire performance immensely entertaining.

And the finale, in which all 200 plus performers took to the stage, was an absolute joy.

Review by Linda Kirkman - Daily Echo

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