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Dance of the Planets


Every so often we read dire warnings that today's children are becoming unhealthy couch potatoes, for ever glued to TV or computer screens.
How refreshing then that, in Bournemouth at any rate, there are so many who give up their free time for a very much more physical pastime, ballet.
More than 200 youngsters took part, ranging from tinies to late teens and from eight different ballet schools - Jan Mizen Dancers, Jane Farrell Ballet School, Wessex School of Dancing, Rita Jenvey School of Dancing, Spotlight School of Dancing, Academy of Dance, Talbot Academy of Dance & Carrington Hollywood Acadamy of Dance.
Pupils, mainly girls, danced their way through eight highly original interpretations of the planets Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Mars and Venus, using pre-recorded music as diverse sa Telstar, Gladiator, Carmina, Burana and Romeo and Juliet.
The production was dedicated to the association's late founder, Christopher Shiner, and if he was looking down from on high he would, I am sure, have been impressed by the tremendous enthusiasm, enjoyment and talent that was so evident.
Finally, a special mention must also go to the un-named person(s) who created such stunning colourful and unique costumes.
Linda Kirkman - Daily Echo

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