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Tales for a Winter's Night


The Western Association of Ballet Schools performance returned to its traditional dance roots this year with its theme Tales for a Winter’s Night presenting an array of interpretations of classic stories.

Once more, the young dancers demonstrated their talent and professionalism with a beautiful and crisp performance; the effort and commitment poured into their routines shone through, a real compliment to those on stage and behind the scenes.

The choreography this year focused more on ballet, which created a stunning and elegant visual spectacle when paired with the carefully chosen lighting and sound effects, including some musical favourites from The Snowman and moving vocal pieces accompanying Angels Wings.

The performers’ graceful movement was further accentuated by the dazzling costumes and the ambitious choreography did not fall short of expectations.

It is always good to see the enjoyment that the dancers experience performing on stage in front of a packed auditorium.

Review by Madeleine Saunders

Daily Echo Tuesday Wednesday 21 November 2007

"Tales for a Winter's Night" brings you over 200 local youngsters from 7 dance schools who will demonstrate their talent on the Pavilion stage. 

There will be a dazzling display of beautiful costumes, a wide and varied choice of music, backcloths and lighting and above all exceptional dancing from the smallest child to the more mature 18 year olds.

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