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Beyond The Ballet Shoes

November 2008

"Beyond The Ballet Shoes" is an exciting display of our student's talents in a variety of dance forms. Spectacular costumes, dazzling lighting effects and delightful music, this promises to be a show not to miss.

The inspiration of "Beyond The Ballet Shoes"...

Every year thousands of little girls and boys put on their first pair of ballet shoes and experience the joy of dancing!

Some might be lucky enough to be taken to the theatre and see a real ballet and then they'll dream of dancing as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker or the Prince in Swan Lake.

But before that day arrives there will be years of hard work, laughter and tears and very few will make it to principal dancer in a ballet company. However, lots do diversify into various other forms of dance, tap, modern, street, lyrical and musical theatre and the discipline and hard work of their ballet training is the foundation of all these.

Some will leave the actual performing and go into choreography, stage management and even modelling.

For over 30 years the Western Association of Ballet Schools has given children the opportunity of dancing on a professional stage and also an insight into the complexities of producing a major production and all the skills involved to make it a success.

Our theme this year got us to looking beyond those first pair of ballet shoes.

Our show will have some beautiful ballet but also tap, lyrical, Irish and other forms of dance and we hope everyone enjoyed the thrill of seeing "Beyond the Ballet Shoes".

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