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Magic Moments

Magic Moments

November 2010

Review: Daily Echo 30.11.10 by Marion Watson

The Western Association of Ballet Schools celebrated their 35th anniversary by presenting Magic Moments at the Pavilion Theatre.

This consisted of reinterpretations of scenes from earlier shows ranging from the traditional “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by the Jane Farrell Ballet School, through to a modern treatment of “If Only” by the Jan Mizen Dancers.

Not to mention the exciting moments from “Harry Potter” by the Carrington Hollywood Academy of Dance. While the Rita Jenvey School of Dance gave us “Beauty and the Beast”, and the First Position School of Dance presented a delightful version of “Alice in Wonderland”.

The Wessex School of Dancing performed “The Little Mermaid” and the show closed with the Spotlight School of Dancing doing “Seasons”, first seen in 1978. The scenes were linked by the Academy of Dance.

We were enchanted by the younger members and impressed by the skills of the older dancers. The colourful costumes were excellent and the effects helped to make it a memorable occasion.

The Western Association of Ballet Schools was founded in 1975 and consists of eight local dance schools. Wayne Sleep became President in 1998 and occasionally takes workshops.

With so many interests these days it is good to know that young people still find dance such a fulfilling pastime and can produce performances of such a high standard.

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